Purchasing ManagerNov 30 2018

With over thousands of products, retailers spend a lot of time creating ordering slips for different vendors. Having a paper-based purchase process tends to create document overload and great mess on retailer’s desk.


Purchasing Manager app eliminates many of these problems and brings efficiency and speed to purchase process. It enables you to create, sort and place order by vendors to simplify your purchasing and make the entire process more efficient.


Common Causes of Breakdown in Your Purchase Process-

There are myriad of reasons why your conventional purchasing system might break down or hit delays. Some of these are below-


Incorrect vendor names or mapping

If the person who created orders doesn’t know the correct name or full name of vendor or products they supply, this leads to breakdowns.


Failure to complete all essential information

This is especially a problem with paper-based ordering slips where you must fill in certain kind of information- whether that’s a product code, full names or volume of goods


Failure to use the preferred Vendors list

Many retailers have a preferred vendor list, meaning if the authority is not available, employees cannot place the orders.


Seasonal issues

In some retail businesses, there are seasonal surges in the number of orders. This can compound other problems and lead to further delays.


Purchasing Manager to the Rescue


Purchasing Manager is incredibly flexible and simple. Here is how you can speed up your purchasing using Order by Vendor feature-


  1. Tap Order by Vendor option at home screen
  2. Choose the vendor you want to share order with
  3. Select category/s
  4. Choose subcategory/s
  5. Tap products you want to purchase
  6. Tap Purchase Cart icon at top
  7. Adjust the case/unit value if required
  8. Tap ‘Cart’ icon at the top of your screen to verify product list


Order by Vendor feature of Purchasing Manager intends to save your time, streamline your purchase orders, and smoothen up your purchase order management.