Effortless and efficient retail management at your fingertips

An AI powered purchase assistant for real time purchase order generation, demand forecasting, order fulfillment, inventory management and a lot more.
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Retailers save money, time and energy

If you are retailer/ restaurateur/ business owner, Purchasing.ai helps you
  • doneOrder quickly & efficiently
  • doneTrack order fulfillment
  • doneManage sellers & products
  • donePredict future orders

Suppliers reduce costs and operate efficiently

If you are a supplier/vendor/wholesaler/seller, Purchasing.ai helps you
  • doneManage retailers/buyers
  • doneManage retailers/buyers
  • doneEstimate future demand
  • doneIntegrates POs to your Accounting ERP
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Previously, I had to spend a lot of time in manually checking the inventory and then placing orders. With the Purchasing.ai app, I save a lot of time as I can quickly create orders after checking the inventory on the app and send the order through the app directly.

Aman Singh,
Punjab Foods Alhambra, California


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