Purchase Order Management System powered by Artificial Intelligence

Purchasing.Ai is an AI-powered mobile assistant to manage your purchasing. If you are a brand that seeks to make a consistent impression upon customers by successfully retaining them, or a retailer who wants to increase sales by more efficient order management & stock demand planning, or a vendor who would benefit from a real-time information on purchase order (PO) items, or a distributor who wants to maximize profits with minimal physical movement, Purchasing.Ai is your saviour.


We Make Purchase Management Easy

3-Click Order Management

1. Add vendor

2. Create order

3. Send order

Waste Reduction by 95%

Reduce stock wastage by 95%

AI-powered purchase planning

90% improvement in Order cycle efficiency

Cross-platform data sync & back-up

Personalized Suggestions

Maintain competitive edge

Improve customer retention by 98%

Make your daily hustle more comfortable

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Purchasing App

Purchasing.Ai is a self-learning, self-evolving and data-driven mobile assistant that is built to meet the needs of businesses that revolve around constant buying, purchasing and ordering from multiple distributors, vendors and suppliers.

It is an intelligent system that employs data analysis, machine learning and other business intelligence tools to create a seamless, efficient and personalized purchasing experience.

Download the App., and reap the benefits of technology, innovation and Artificial Intelligence, with a 45-Day FREE trial, and no payment card details.