ShivaniPurchasing ManagerOct 08 2018

A.     Less inventory. Lesser wastage


A retailer who caters to customers who buy products of various categories – from low margin toothpaste to high margin imported protein shake, it is i

mperative that smart processes and technology are used to maximize profits and improve operational efficiency. Purchasing Manager App. helps a retailer achieve those results. Created orders are automatically saved, therefore, same orders are placed as soon as the inventory starts getting repleted. This helps the retailer in maintaining sufficient inventory while reducing wastage.


B.     Zero dependency on paper trail


Usage of the App. eliminates the need for creating and maintaining paper trails of purchase orders. This reduces time-to-order by 90% and the real-time syncing technology removes any hassle of storing physical papers or maintenance of lockers. Moreover, any update made to a purchase order is notified to vendor / distributor within a few seconds.


C.     Accurate prediction of stock demand


Purchasing Manager App. is built by highly qualified software engineers and data scientists. With every order that is being created, the complete information of the order – namely, name of the product item, size of the SKU, etc. is immediately stored in the secure database. Also, the App. is capable to capture other critical data such as – How many times a certain SKU is ordered in a month, What is the predicted volume of an SKU that will be required over the next 3 months, etc. Such predictive abilities of the App. empowers a retailer in doing smarter business and reap more profits by effectively managing inventory and customer demand.


D.     Saved orders. Faster new orders.


Another key feature of the App. is that every order is saved across all platforms. For example, if a retailer is logged into the Purchasing Manager app. from his laptop, and he/she has to leave the store on an emergency and carry the mobile phone, in that case, the information that was saved in the laptop is automatically saved in the mobile phone as well. Therefore, the retailer doesn’t have to worry about manually saving data from one system to another, but rather, he/she continues to run business on the go. This helps vendors and retailers to collaborate and work faster, without loss of information or hassle of miscommunication.