Gurpreet SinghPurchasing ManagerNov 30 2018

Supply chain management is a daunting task. Retailers require agile and faster supply chains to deliver their customers with a seamless shopping experience.


As retailers and brands (manufacturers) demonstrate good governance across their supply chains, their vendors are often asked to showcase capabilities, and performance in these areas. Businesses need to evaluate process and procedures to measure the results and facilitate continuous improvement.


Hashbrown Systems develop efficient and smart supply chain management solutions to help all stakeholders of a supply chain track and improve their performance.



We can help manage an entire supply chain or a specific part of it using advanced yet custom solution. Our Purchasing solution for SMEs provides retailers with a 360-degree of their everyday purchase cycle and helps in vendor management as well. Vendors, on the other hand, can receive and manage all purchase orders from different retailers on their mobiles and speed up the order processing cycle.


Key features-


  • Create purchase orders
  • Order by Scan
  • Bring all vendors to one place
  • Map products with different vendors
  • Share PO with different vendors via messenger, email, etc.
  • Update Order status
  • View Order history
  • And more.


We build tailor-made software and solutions to help businesses handle industry-specific problems with ease.


Summing Up


Consult with our team to see you how an integrated supply chain can create a retail experience without boundaries—and help your organization stay vital to shoppers.