Gurpreet SinghPurchasing ManagerNov 29 2018

With more power comes more efficiency, and higher savings, and lower wastage.

I could go on and on, eulogizing, and perhaps embellishing a bit, after all it is my job to attract users to this remarkable platform, honestly called Purchasing.Ai.


Use Case Scenario – Purchasing Manager at a Restaurant


The job of the purchasing manager involves among other things, well you guessed it, purchasing. This is quite obvious from the job title. At any moment, the purchasing manager is responsible for thousands of products sourced from hundreds of vendors, distributors and suppliers.

Apart from that, products and ingredients used in a restaurant have limited to timed shelf life and storage can be a problem if you are dealing with long tail items, imported products or seasonal produce.


Purchasing.Ai is the first step towards many that would improve business process and operations where purchase and procurement is concerned.

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