Gurpreet SinghPurchasing ManagerNov 30 2018

The world’s most versatile, powerful and efficient purchasing system ever built in the history of humanity.


Well, at least that is how we have decided to put it, albeit not without reasons.


Purchasing.Ai is built upon Hashbrown Systems’ BORON framework that standardizes ordering from retail to brand through suppliers, vendors and distributors. We have worked relentlessly with one of the major consumer brand in understanding underlying and problems that govern orders and supplies and how to efficiently manage both, alongside reducing wastage, reducing costs related to logistics and by employing simple time honored statistics to better predict market and user behavior.


Purchasing Manager is the first spawn of Purchasing.Ai .


The mobile application now available for Android on Play Store and for ios devices on App Store, bestows such power in the hands of the men and the women who do the buying and purchasing for organizations big or small.


Small I reckon is okay, but big, how do we claim that our wonderful little powerful Purchasing Manager can handle operation of a big organization.


To place things in perspective, if you are a grocery store owner who has over 100 suppliers and about 10,000 products and probably 1000 brands,


Who do you call?


Ghost Busters , Purchasing Manager.


That is purchasing manager in a nutshell. An application powered by human emotions and artificial intelligence.