ShivaniPurchasing ManagerNov 30 2018

Managing purchases seems challenging. Many small businesses don’t even use purchase orders, preferring to rely on paper-based ordering slips to document and place orders.


Every business needs to make purchases. As your business grows, reliable purchase management process becomes more important. You’ll need a way to create orders, consolidate orders, manage orders, track order history, and connect with your vendors quickly to get a competitive edge. 


Purchasing Manager app allows you to mass order products to multiple vendors. You can create purchase orders, track purchase history and share your orders with different vendors from your smartphone with a few taps.

Why Should You Use a Purchase Management System?


Save Money

In a business of any size, it’s easy for communication to break down enough between two people to miss out on any order or place a wrong order. Our Purchasing Manager helps you avoid duplicate or wrong orders since it’s easy to pull up the history of previous orders and it has well-categories PO templates.


Simplify Records

Creating and managing orders in a mobile app helps you simplify your purchase management. You can always check what’ve you ordered, what’s more in demand, and take better procurement decisions.


Plan Better

Purchasing Manager app makes it easier to look up repeat orders of similar or identical items.  Accurate, easy-to-access records about how much your business spends are also valuable for budgeting.