ShivaniPurchasing ManagerNov 30 2018

Do you write ordering slips to your vendors to make purchases for your business? It’s very time-consuming, and muddled procedure that not only slows down your purchasing but also brings a lot of confusions for retailers, vendors, and manufacturers.


Purchasing is a crucial yet complex procedure. It becomes trickier when you handle it manually. Hashbrown System’s Purchasing Manager allows you to streamline the purchase workflow, and manage purchasing efficiently, smartly and quickly.


With Purchasing Manager, you can quickly create a new order, consolidate orders and share them with your vendors instantly to easily manage your everyday purchase cycle.


Product Highlights


Manage Vendors

Add and manage multiple vendors with this app. Having an instant access to your vendor’s information, their products enables you to take valuable steps to manage your purchases better.


Create Orders

Paper records create a mess in your store, and also prone to damage. With Purchasing Manager, you can create multiple purchase orders, and share with different vendors seamlessly using online messenger, email, etc. Update your order status according to the action taken by the vendor.


Accurate Product Entries

With Purchasing Manager, you will never miss out on any order. Simply add products to this app, and review all orders as per your convenience. 


Easy Purchase Workflow

 Adopt a streamlined purchase workflow with our purchasing app. You can manage your orders by the vendor or by category, or can quickly create an order list by scanning the barcode and share with vendors. It is easy, simple and fast.


Track Order History

Every order created and shared with your vendor will be recorded in Purchasing Manager. With all your order information at one place, you can easily track your past purchases, take actions and eliminate the risks of errors.