Features for Retailers

Purchasing.ai enables retailers to do a whole host of functions. It is built with the intention of saving time and energy for the retailer in managing their purchasing cycles.

Ordering made easy

generate order

Generate Purchase Orders

Add products to order to cart and generate custom Purchase Orders.

Consolidate Orders

Consolidate Orders

Map products with different vendors for managing your orders better.

order history

Order History

Track your previous orders, re-order and estimate future demand.

Manage your suppliers

generate order image

Export supplier products

Export thousands of products directly by uploading an excel sheet.

Manage multiple vendors

Manage multiple vendors

Manage all your vendors from a single place.

Manage products

Manage products like you wish

Create categories, sub categories for easier ordering and tracking of inventory.

In-store management

Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

Keep your stocks up to date with inventory management features.

Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment

Check the status of your orders and receive updates on fulfillment.

Manage Multiple stores

Manage Multiple stores

Manage purchasing, inventory and approvals for all your stores.

Data Management & Analytics

Data cleaning with NLP

Data cleaning with NLP

Upload your data and get clean and organized data for easier ordering and management.

Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting

Get customized ordering suggestions based on previous orders and inventory.

Why use Purchasing Manager app?

Easy & Straightforward

Easy set up to help you start managing your purchase orders immediately. Add, update or share your orders with a few taps. If you get stuck, our help section can bail you out.

Order List Icon

Single Point Control Icon

Single Point Control

Get absolute control over your purchase orders, vendors, and purchase process. View order history, update order list, add/update vendors or simply take an overview of the purchase process.

Panoramic Overview

Well-organized product mapping allows you to take a 360-degree view of your purchase orders, and your vendors. It will help you anticipate orders for next month and enable you to proceed accordingly.

Order List Icon

Efficient And Smart Icon

Efficient & Smart

We make purchase management utterly simple for retailers. Upload order data to an excel sheet and it will be automatically populated on your account. Now, just share it with your vendors and it’s done.


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